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A Play in One Act



The great epics of India - the Mahabharata and the Ramayana - are an immense source of happiness to all the Indians around which their entire life circle revolves. The Mahabharata being the source, "chitrangada" whose name forms the title of the play "Chitra", is a great love story that evolves into nine scenes culminating in the marriage of Chitrangada and Arjuna. The plot spread over nine scenes graphically and picturesquely reveals love at first sight without undermining the worth of a person, leading the reader through various stages of love. It reaches the climax of true love in the words of her lover Arjuna, "Illusion is the first appearance of Truth. She advances towards her lover in disguise. But a time comes when she throws off her ornaments and veils and stands clothed in naked dignity." (Arjuna to Chitra, by Rajarao T.

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