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When Santiago Fell


or The War Adventures of Two Chums

Written by Captain Ralph Bonehill, pseudonym of Edward Stratemeyer



“When Santiago Fell,” while a complete
story in itself, forms the first volume of a line to
be issued under the general title of the “Flag of
Freedom Series” for boys.

My object in writing this story was to present
to American lads a true picture of life in the
Cuba of to-day, and to show what a fierce struggle
was waged by the Cubans against the iron-handed
mastery of Spain previous to the time
that our own glorious United States stepped in
and gave to Cuba the precious boon of liberty.
The time covered is the last year of the Cuban-Spanish
War and our own campaign leading up
to the fall of Santiago.

It may be possible that some readers may
think the adventures of the two chums over-drawn,
but this is hardly a fact. The past few
years have been exceedingly bitter ones to all
living upon Cuban soil, and neither life nor
property has been safe. Even people who were
peaceably inclined were drawn into the struggle against their will, and the innocent, in many
cases, suffered with the guilty.

This war, so barbarously carried on, has now
come to an end; and, under the guiding hand of
Uncle Sam, let us trust that Cuba and her people
will speedily take their rightful place among the
small but well-beloved nations of the world—or,
if not this, that she may join the ever-increasing
sisterhood of our own States.

Once more thanking my numerous young
friends for their kind reception of my previous
works, I place this volume in their hands, trusting
that from it they may derive much pleasure
and profit.

Captain Ralph Bonehill.
January 1, 1899.

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