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Dave Porter's Great Search


The Perils of a Young Civil Engineer



"Dave Porter's Great Search" is a complete
story in itself, but forms the thirteenth volume
in a line issued under the general title of
"Dave Porter Series."

As my old readers know, this series was begun
some years ago by the publication of "Dave
Porter at Oak Hall," in which my readers were
introduced to a wide awake, American boy at an
up-to-date American boarding-school. This was
followed by "Dave Porter in the South Seas,"
where our hero had gone to find his father, and
then by "Dave Porter's Return to School."
After that we had "Dave Porter in the Far
North," where the lad went on a second journey
looking for his parent; "Dave Porter and His
Classmates," in which our hero was put to a most
unusual test; and then by "Dave Porter at Star
Ranch," in which he took part in many strenuous

From the Wild West Dave returned again to
school, as related in "Dave Porter and His
Rivals." Then he took a sea voyage, as told of
in "Dave Porter on Cave Island," and later still
taught some of his school chums a much-needed
lesson, the particulars of which are given in "Dave
Porter and the Runaways."

The lad had imagined his strenuous adventures
were now at an end, but this was not to be. He
heard of a lost mine, and, with his chums, went
in search of it, as related in "Dave Porter in the
Gold Fields." Coming back, he put in some fine
times in the Adirondack Mountains, as related in
"Dave Porter at Bear Camp."

By this time the lad had graduated from school,
and he now took up the study of civil engineering.
There was another lad who looked exactly like
Dave, and this person caused our hero much
trouble, as told of in "Dave Porter and His
Double," where we last met him.

In the present volume Dave is still pursuing his
calling of civil engineering. He is at work in the
mountains when he comes face to face with one of
his old-time enemies. Later still word comes to
the youth that his dearest girl friend, Jessie
Wadsworth, and his sister Laura have disappeared
from home. One surprise is followed by
another, and the young civil engineer is confronted
by many perils.

Once again I thank my young readers for the
interest they have shown in the various volumes
I have written for them. I trust that the reading
of this book will benefit them all.

Edward Stratemeyer.
May 1, 1917.

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