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The Lair of the White Worm



Dedicated To My Friend Bertha Nicoll, With Affectionate Esteem.

This book centers around Adam Salton who is contacted by his grand uncle in England, for the purpose of establishing a relationship between these last two members of the family. Adam travels to Richard Salton's house in Mercia, and quickly finds himself in the center of some inexplicable occurrences. The new heir to the Caswall estate, Edgar Caswall appears to be making some sort of a mesmeric assault on a local girl. And, a local lady, Arabella March, seems to be running a game of her own, perhaps angling to become Mrs. Caswall. There is something strange about Lady March, something inexplicable and evil.

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800 word essay

it dragged on for ages and ages but then it got good! it was exciting but at some times really ultra boring!!!!!!!!

Old Masters

Even though the youth of today have been outstripped of their sence of wonder and most of them have an atropheid sence of imagination, I wold hope that a new eye on a wonderfully worked peice of horror could inspire some of them to inquire further into what the clasic authors were trying to do. Hopefully, some young mind will be truely inspired.

No Subject

Watch the ken russel movie, it's shorter and generally makes more sense.
Stoker shows once again that he has some problems with writting. While his ideas are cool, the actual pen to paper of his ideas are at best....lame.
Still, if you want to read a book in which your not sure why or what happeneing, give it a try

No Subject

I am on Chapter 11 and i am really getting into the book but my friend just finished it and she said that the end ruied the whole book.

Confusion = literature?

I am on chapter XIII and I am so friggen lost. Dracula was much easier to read...and it was in journals.


When I was forced to read the book i thought that i was going to be bored out of my mind, well i was for the 1st 21 chapters prety much then it gets good i think that the book was quite good alltho it took a while to get to the good part. the essay that im doing is really an excepttionally long isu about 15 pg so i might just post it :) bu bye

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