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After considerable weighing of the pros and cons I have decided to include the names of firms where certain supplies may be bought. I realize that this sort of free advertisement is eminently unjust to other worthy houses handling the same lines of goods, but the case is one of self-defense. In The Forest I rashly offered to send to inquirers the name of the firm making a certain kind of tent. At this writing I have received and answered over eleven hundred inquiries. Since the publication of these papers in The Outing Magazine, I have received hundreds of requests for information as to where this, that, or the other thing may be had. I have tried to answer them all, but to do so has been a tax on time I would not care to repeat. Therefore I shall try in the following pages to give the reader all the practical information I possess, even though, as stated, I may seem unduly to advertise the certain few business houses with which I have had satisfactory dealings.

It is needless to remark that I am interested in none of these firms, and have received no especial favors from them.

From a painting by Fernand Lungren--"The Home of the 'Red Gods'

Stewart Edward White

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