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The Blast


It's rainin'. Weet's the gairden sod,
Weet the lang roads whaur gangrels plod -
A maist unceevil thing o' God
In mid July -
If ye'll just curse the sneckdraw, dod!
An' sae wull I!

He's a braw place in Heev'n, ye ken,
An' lea's us puir, forjaskit men
Clamjamfried in the but and ben
He ca's the earth -
A wee bit inconvenient den
No muckle worth;

An' whiles, at orra times, keeks out,
Sees what puir mankind are about;
An' if He can, I've little doubt,
Upsets their plans;
He hates a' mankind, brainch and root,
An' a' that's man's.

An' whiles, whan they tak heart again,
An' life i' the sun looks braw an' plain,
Doun comes a jaw o' droukin' rain
Upon their honours -
God sends a spate outower the plain,
Or mebbe thun'ers.

Lord safe us, life's an unco thing!
Simmer an' Winter, Yule an' Spring,
The damned, dour-heartit seasons bring
A feck o' trouble.
I wadnae try't to be a king -
No, nor for double.

But since we're in it, willy-nilly,
We maun be watchfu', wise an' skilly,
An' no mind ony ither billy,
Lassie nor God.
But drink - that's my best counsel till 'e:
Sae tak the nod.

Robert Louis Stevenson