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The name Ebenezer

I have just recently started reading this story, but I noticed within the story the uncles name is Ebenezer, and he is described as being a miser in the story. Was this pure coincidence, or was Ebenezeer just a popular name, or was Stevenson influenced by Dikens and A Christmas Carol, or vica versa, I am really not sure which story was published first. I just found it currious.

What do you think of this book so far?

Seventh Grade Reader This book is a book about a boy named David who is an orphan and is set out to go to his uncle. His uncle is mean and nasty and tells someone to kidnap David. From then on the story gets scary and worse.:bawling: Im half way through the book and I have to tell you one thing and I mean it.;) Read Slowly This book is quite hard to read because its older English. Right Now I like this book and I reccomend anyone to read it.:thumbs_up

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