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The Black Arrow



A young Englishman, seeking to avenge the death of his father, becomes involved in the band of the Black Arrow and the events of the War of the Roses.

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The Black Arrow shows RLS researched his subjects

The Black Arrow is my favorite novel of all time, probably because I love medieval stories. I was intrigued to discover that Stevenson has it take place in a real place in southeast England (Suffolk County). The cities around the present day city of Tunstall are similar to the cities and villages of the book: Kettleburgh for the novel's Kettley, Framlingham for the novel's Risingham, and Farnham for the novel's Foxham. I believe that Shoreby is really Orford and Holywood, Leiston. The Battle of Shoreby is modeled after the First Battle of St. Albans (1455) of the Wars of the Roses, and there were noblemen who disguised themselves as monks (the Earl of Wiltshire). I love Stevenson's books!

Black Arrow

It was OK... I guess... It was pretty much your basic Midevil (sp?) story if you think about it. It was fairly well written, after all it is a Classic. It didn't make you think a whole lot though, like some other books. Mabye I've just been spoiled becuase I've been reading Tolkien's stuff all the time. If anyone out there like Tolkien or Lord of the Rings or someting please e-mail me.

great book

I just loved this book. It`s the type of adventure-romance story I like the most. I must say that I fell in love with old english after finishing "The Black Arrow" and now Im more interested in the Middle Ages than I was before. To anyone who like old english, I would also recommend Arthur Conan Doyle`s "The White Company". There`s little more adventure than in "The Black Arrow", but love story isn`t so colourful. Anyway both books are GREAT.

One of my favourites! :D

(I'm from Germany, so please excuse my English, first of all. ;))
I read this book last year for the first time and I totally fell in love with it! It's hard to describe why but somehow Stevenson (who became one of my favourite authors afterwards) always finds the perfect way to keep the reader excited and interested, whatever happens. And by the way, I really enjoyed the lovestory between Joanna and Dick... it's just SO funny how everybody realises that Jack's not a boy and only Dick doesn't... *laughs*
The best Chapter -in my oppinion- is the 11th, so of course I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you to read it!! :D
(I'm really sort of obsessed with this book, I'm sorry... uhm... yes, that's it, just read it, you don't want to miss one of the most charming books in the world, do ya?! :))

awesome book

I picked this book off of a reading list for school. I loved it! I thought it was going to be another boring book to read fore school, but I actually enjoyed reading it! The plot was very good, and I liked the fact that it taught forgiveness.


This book was one of the most boring books I have ever read in school. It had way too many characters. Hated the plot! Who would want to read a book like this? I think that my teachers are trying to torture us!

No Subject

i thought it was an excellent book. he used a great deal of vivid imagination and his writting just eases the soul. however he did not just do great writting this book his others are excellent.


u need to fix the english in this book cause it is old we 9th graders tha read the book HATEd it from the prolouge to the end it has no point my school wasted there money on these books cause all were gonna do is throw then away after school is over so holla back youngin


i hate this book the old english the weird people and its to confusing and who iin there right mind would have someone named dick as a character i mean come on now common sense should of told you that. and its just boring altogheter

Excellent Book

I absolutely love this book, and I highly recommend it to anyone who love literature novels.

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