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As a little girl with no parents, Heidi was raised in the beautiful mountains where her grandfather and grandmother lived. She had a happy and naive life, spending time with the old pair and her only friend, an 11 year old boy named Peter. But as the girl grew older and was sent to school, she began to understand how great and valuable, and so gentle, home had been. A pretty story that readers will find themselves reading over and over again in times to come.--Submitted by Molly.

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Heidi, a Girl of the Alps

I felt my tears come when I read the part of the novel in which Heidi started to sleep walk. She dreamed about her home high up in the mountain and her grandpa each night, only to wake up and know again that she was still in the city. Each night she went back to her grandpa in a dream, which made her walk out unconciously to search for things that she could never in her life get out of her head. She loved her grandpa and her home. It is one of the most charming pieces of literature I've ever read in my life.

I love the novel, Heidi, a Girl of the Alps.

Hello, I read a few chaperts from Heidi, a girl of the Alps recently, and my tears often trickled down. I guess it was because I grew up with my grandpa, just like Heidi, in a countryside, and I found some difficulty in getting along with some of my relatives who were rich and famous, when I was growing up. When Heidi was moved to a place far away from her home high up in the mountain, she became really sad deep within her heart that she finally gave way to sleep walk. In my opinion, the girl, Heidi best describes what Emerson wrote in his essay, nature, that the rays of stars only shot into the eyes of children or those adults with the mind of children. Only children can see through nature and enjoy its blessings. I wish I still had the mind of a child. Anyway, I enjoy reading Heidi quite a lot.

Sequels to Heidi

Any of you ever read Heidi grows up and Heidi's children? It's written by Charles Tritten. They are the sequels to Heidi, written by Johanna Spyri.

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