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Character Summary

Dramatis Personae

Sir John Falstaff.
Justice Robert Shallow, a country justice.
Fenton, a gentleman.
Master Abraham Slender, cousin of Shallow.
Master Ford, a gentleman dwelling at Windsor.
Master Page, a gentleman dwelling at Windsor.
William Page, son of Page.
Sir Hugh Evans, a welsh parson.
Doctor Caius, a French physician.
Mistress Ford, wife of Ford.
Mistress Page, wife of Page.
Anne Page, daughter of Mistress Page.
Host of the Garter Inn.
Bardolph, attendant of Falstaff.
Pistol, attendant of Falstaff.
Nym, attendant of Falstaff.
Robin, page to Falstaff.
Rugby, servant to Doctor Caius.
Simple, servant to Slender.
Mistress Quickly, servant of Doctor Caius.
Other servants.

Scene: Windsor and neighborhood. 

William Shakespeare