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Summary Act 2

Scene I

On another part of the island is Alonso, Sebastian, Antonio, Gonzalo, Adrian, Francisco and others. Gonzalo reminds the others he is marooned with that they are fortunate, as they have survived the storm. The group comments on how little there is around, the place on the island they have landed seems to be a desert, with some green. The group was returning from Tunis to Italy when they became shipwrecked (or so they supposed), the King of Naples’ daughter was married to the King of Tunis (capitol of current Tunisia in North Africa). Alonso the King of Naples mourns the fact he will never see his son again. Francisco proclaims that he had seen Ferdinand (the Kings Son) make it to shore. Alonso disbelieves him, and the king is heartbroken over what he feels is the loss of both his children.

Sebastian blames the loss of them all on Alonso, which Gonzalo reprimands him for. Gonzalo further explains that if he were king of this island he would create a society where no labor was forced and all people could enjoy themselves, in order to lighten the mood.

Ariel (invisibly) joins the group and all become tired and sleep except for Alonso, Sebastian and Antonio. Sebastian and Antonio bid the King to sleep as well promising to protect him. Alonso sleeps, and so exits Ariel.

Sebastian and Antonio conspire together to kill Alonso so that Sebastian may usurp the throne of Naples, as Antonio did to his brother. As they make the decision to kill both Gonzalo and Alonso they take a moment apart and Ariel enters the scene still invisible. As the two are ready to kill their marks, Ariel awakens Gonzalo who then awakens Alonso. The conspirators stop, act as if nothing happened and cover their actions.

Gonzalo proclaims he saw Sebastian and Antonio drawing weapons to kill the two of them. The group then leaves in search of Ferdinand.

Scene II

Caliban is gathering firewood in another part of the island and sees the jester Trinculo. Caliban does not wish to be seen and Trinculo believes Caliban to be a monster of some kind. The two spot a third man, Stephano, drinking from a bottle. Trinculo and Stephano get Caliban to drink from the bottle which contains some kind of alchahol.

Stephano and Trinculo converse on how they escaped drowning, and from one of Trinculo’s jests, Caliban believes they are from the moon. Stephano plays this idea up and Caliban swears loyalty to Stephano, promising to show him all the island has to offer. Trinculo and Stephano get Caliban to kiss their feet as an act of allegiance. Caliban then leads them away in search of food, and Stephano to get more wine, where he found it stored in a rock by the sea side.

William Shakespeare