Summary Act 2


Act II opens with a prologue that does two things. First it points out that Romeo and Juliet's love will be hard because their families are enemies. Second it pokes fun at Romeo for so quickly falling in love with Juliet and completely getting over Rosaline.

Scene 1

Scene 1 takes place in a lane by the wall of Caputlet's orchard. Romeo enters, then jumps over the wall. Benvolio and Mercutio enter the scene. Benvolio and Mercutio at first try to get Romeo to rejoin them. However, Benvolio knows that Romeo likes solitude and convinces Mercutio to leave him be. All three then exit the scene.

Scene 2

Scene 2 takes place in Capulets Orchard. Romeo enters the scene stating that his friends jest at him for something they don't understand. Suddenly Juliet appears in the window above. Romeo begins speaking about how beautiful she is. Then Juliet, not knowing Romeo is present, begins mourning over the fact that Romeo is a Montague and she is a Capulet. After listening Romeo reveals his presence and tells her that he loves her. During their expression of love for one another, Juliet is called by her nurse.

After a brief moment with her Nurse, Juliet comes back and she and Romeo agree to marry. Juliet tells Romeo she will send him a message so that he can inform her of the wedding plans then exits the scene. Day begins to break over the orchard and Romeo exits the scene.

Scene 3

Scene 3 takes place in Friar Laurences cell. The scene begins with Friar Laurence entering with a basket in hand and speaking of the qualities of various flowers and herbs. Romeo enters the scene and tells the friar that he wants to marry Juliet. The fryer is surprised at how quickly Romeo has gone from loving Rosaline to loving Juliet. Eventually the Fryer agrees to marry Romeo and Juliet because he thinks it will cause the two families to come closer together. The Fryer and Romeo exit the scene.

Scene 4

Scene 4 takes place in a Street. The scene begins with Benvolio and Mercution entering and wondering where Romeo is. During this conversation it is learned that Tybalt has challenged Romeo to a duel. Benvolio and Mercutio discuss the duel and Tybalts talent as a duelist when Romeo enters the scene. Romeo and Mercutio tease each other then Juliet's Nurse enters the scene. Mercutio teases the Nurse for a bit but leaves with Benvolio after Romeo asks them too. Alone with the nurse he tells her to tell Juliet to meet him at the Fryers at two that afternoon. He also instructs the nurse to bring a rope ladder so that he can visit Juliet later that night after they have been married. Then they all exit the scene.

Scene 5

Scene 5 takes place in Capulet's Orchard. The scene begins with Juliet worrying about how the day is passing without word from Romeo. Her Nurse enters the scene and begins to tease Juliet. For a while this teasing goes on until Juliet is very close to hysterics. Finally the Nurse relents and tells her that she is to marry Romeo at the church later that afternoon. The Nurse leaves to get the rope ladder that Romeo requested and Juliet exits the scene hailing her good fortune.

Scene 6

Scene 6 takes place in Friar Laurence's cell. Friar Laurence and Romeo enter the scene with the fryer telling Romeo marrying so quickly is a mistake. Romeo casts this advice aside. Juliet then enters the scene and after a brief conversation the three exit the scene so the fryer can marry the two young lovers.

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