Character Summary

Iago: a Florentine who bears an evil grudge against Othello, believing that Othello has usurped his destiny

Roderigo: Desdemona's unsuccessful suitor who hires Iago to help make his failure a success

Brabantio: a senator of Venice and the father to Desdemona

Othello: a Moor who has attained the rank of General of the Venetian armed forces and who is the newly-wed husband of Desdemona

Cassio: a Florentine and a gentleman who is promoted to lieutenant by Othello

Duke: the Duke of Venice

Senators: senators of Venice

Sailor: he who brings news about the Turkish fleet sailing to Rhodes

Messenger: he who brings news about the Turkish fleet increasing their numbers at Rhodes

Officer: man in charge in conveying the Sailor and the Messenger to the Duke and the Senate

Desdemona: Othello's newly-wed wife and Brabantio's daughter

Montano: Governor of Cyprus who welcomes the Moor and his party and who finds himself inadvertently brawling Cassio

First Gentleman: man attending Montano

Sencond Gentleman: another man attending Montano

Third Gentleman: yet another man attending Montano

Emilia: Iago's shrewish wife who attends to Desdemona

Herald: he who makes a proclamation on behalf of Othello

Clown: a punning servant to Othello and Desdemona

Musician: a less than competent musician

Bianca: a courtesan and Cassio's mistress

Lodovico: a gentleman who is Brabantio's kinsman and Desdemona's cousin

Gratiano: Brabantio's kinsman who, due to Othello's marriage to Desdemona, is effectively Othello's uncle

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