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Summary Act 2

Scene I

This takes place in a wood near Athens. Puck appears and talks with a fairy. The fairy is doing favors for the queen Titania. Puck warns him the King, Oberon is in a foul mood because Titania stole an Indian boy who Oberon wanted for himself. The Fairy recognizes Puck as Robin Goodfellow who plays pranks on villiagers, and Puck explains he is Oberon’s jester. Both fairies notice Oberon coming as well as Titania.

Titania and Oberon exchange unpleasentries, Titania explains Theseus will wed Hippolyta the Amazon. Oberon is in love with Hippolyta. Oberon proclaims Titania’s love for Theseus, and that Titiania has caused him to be unfaithful to several women.

Oberon and Titania argue over who should have the Indian boy. Oberon asks how long she will stay in the forest, Titania replies, until after Theseus’ wedding, with that Titania and her retinue leave.

Oberon sends puck to get a flower to make a Titania fall in love, with that Puck leaves. Oberon then explains his plan to drop liquid from the flower in Titania’s eyes while she is sleeping and she will fall in love with the next thing she sees. People come, Oberon makes himself invisible.

Demetrius and Helena enter the wood, Demetrius is trying to find Lysander and Hermia. Helena tries to woo Demetrius, but Demetrius spurns her again and again, until he finally leaves her along in the wood. Helena is resolved to follow and die if need be, then leaves after Demetrius.

Oberon wishes Helena Luck after she leaves, and says she’ll find him and Demetrius will love her. Then Puck returns with the flower. Oberon tells puck where Titania is, and plans to go to Titania to put some of the flower liquid on her eyes. Then he tells Puck to find an Athenian man and put some of the liquid on his eyes, but only when an Athenian woman is around, so he will fall in love with her. With that Puck is gone to take care of his duty.

Scene II

In Another part of the Wood Titiania falls asleep to fairy’s singing, then Oberon sneaks up when the other fairies leave, putting a few drops of the liquid on her eyes.

Lysander and Hermia appear in that part of the wood at that time. Lysander has lost his way, and both are tired, and eventually the two find different beds. Once asleep, Puck enters, searching for Athenians and find Lysander and Hermia lying closely. Puck believes Lysander to be Demetrius and give Lysander the flower liquid on his eyes.

Helena and Demetrius enter the scene, Demetrius scolding Helena for following. Helena, out of breath, stops and sees Lysander and awakens him. Lysander, having the potion on his eyes, fall in love with Helena. Helena tries to remind him of his love for Hermia, but he recants his love, and dotes on Helena instead. Helena, thinking it a joke, takes offense and leaves.

Lysander scorns Hermia in her sleep, and leaves after Helena. Hermia awakens from a nightmare, and finds Lysander is gone, then swears to find him.

William Shakespeare