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Summary Act 2



Assuring the Princess of France that her attributes are equal to the great King of Navarre’s, Boyet, a lord attending on the Princess, exhorts her to be bold when negotiating on her father’s behalf vis-à-vis King of Navarre Ferdinand. The Princess, however, commissions Boyet to get in contact with Ferdinand on her behalf what with Ferdinand’s resolve to avoid the company of women for a 3-year period which she is well aware of. As Boyet leaves to fulfill his commission, the Princess questions the remaining lords in her attendance, in addition to the ladies in her attendance, as to the lords of Navarre who have subscribed to Ferdinand’s harsh measures. A lady in the Princess’ attendance Maria apprises the Princess about Longaville who is described as a man whose qualities are unimpeachable but for a blunt willfulness which can rub people the wrong way. Another lady in the Princess’ attendance Katherine apprises the Princess about Lord Dumaine whose chief attribute is described as a naïve charm that can render that which is unattractive attractive. Finally, Rosaline, who is yet another lady in the Princess’ attendance, apprises the Princess about Berowne who is described as a man of merry wit and someone who is never at a loss of words. Presently Boyet returns to inform the Princess that Ferdinand, accompanied by his lords, is on his way to greet the Princess in person. Sure enough, Ferdinand and his lords arrive on Boyet’s heels. Ferdinand welcomes the Princess and apologizes for refusing to admit her to his manor, explaining that he has a perfectly good reason for it. However, before he could fully explain, the Princess engages Ferdinand in the matter of Aquitane which Ferdinand is holding as collateral until the French king repays in full the debt owed Ferdinand, which debt the Princess affirms has been paid in full. Meanwhile, Berowne, who recognizes Katherine from having danced with her at one time, converses with her only to rebuffed. Presently, as the Princess assures Ferdinand that she will in due time produce the receipts proving that France has paid her debts owed Navarre, Ferdinand, accompanied by Dumaine and Longaville, welcomes her again and retires for the time being. Meanwhile Berowne makes advances on Rosaline only to be rebuffed. However, he learns from Boyet that she isn’t married and that her name is Rosaline. By and by, the Lords Dumaine and Longaville return to confer with Boyet with respect to Katherine and Maria before leaving for good. Presently the Princess makes the comment that her ladies in attendance ought to expend their wits vis-à-vis Ferdinand’s lords in attendance and not vis-à-vis Boyet, who is wont exchange witticisms with them (Maria, Katherine, and Rosaline), when Boyet makes the comment that Ferdinand is smitten with the Princess. 

William Shakespeare