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Character Summary

Antony: Friend of Caesar, and Triumvirate of Rome after Caesar's death
Artemidorus: philosopher who attempts to warn Caesar about the conspiracy.
Brutus: Friend of Caesar, and leading member of the conspirators.
Caesar: Ruler of Rome.
Calpurnia: Caesar's wife.
Casca: Conspirator.
Cato: An ally of Brutus.
Cassius: Leader of the conspiracy against Caesar.
Cicero: Roman Senator
Cinna: Conspirator
Cinna the Poet: Mistaken by a mob of citizens for Cinna the conspirator.
Claudius: Soldier in Brutus' army.
Clitus: Soldier in Brutus' army.
Dardanius: Soldier in Brutus' army.
Decius Brutus: Conspirator
Flavius: A tribune of Rome, angry with Caesar.
Lepidus: A member of the Triumvirate. (Historically was Caesar's deputy leader)
Ligarius: Conspirator.
Lucilius: An ally of Brutus.
Lucius: Brutus' servant.
Marullus: A tribune.
Messala: An ally of Brutus.
Metellus Cimber: Conspirator.
Octavius Caesar: Caesar's nephew and adopted heir, member of the triumvirate.
Pindarus: Cassius' servant.
Popilius: Senator.
Portia: Brutus' wife.
Publius: Senator.
Soothsayer: Who tries to warn Caesar.
Strato: An ally of Brutus.
Tintinius: An ally of Cassius and Brutus.
Trebonius: Conspirator.
Varro: A soldier in Brutus' army.
Volumnius: An ally of Brutus.
Other: Citizens, Soldiers, a Poet, Messenger, and Commoners.

William Shakespeare