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Character Summary


Earl of Warwick: initially in league with the Duke of York, he dies while fighting for King Henry

Richard Plantagenet, Duke of York: agrees to let King Henry rule while he lives on the condition the throne is passed onto the House of York only to die trying to usurp Henry's rule at his sons' behest

Edward, Earl of March: York’s eldest son who later becomes King Edward IV

Marquess of Montague: the Earl of Warwick’s brother who dies at Edward's hand

Duke of Norfolk: in league with York

Richard: one of York’s sons who is physically deformed and prophesied to be England's bane and who later becomes the Duke of Gloucester

King Henry the Sixth: agrees to let the House of York be the heirs to England’s throne subsequent to his death

Lord Clifford: the surviving son of the previous Lord Clifford who is in league with King Henry only to repudiate his allegiance when the King agrees to let the House of York rule subsequent to his death

Earl of Northumberland: in league with King Henry until the King agrees to let the House of York rule after his death

Earl of Westmoreland: in league with King Henry until the King agrees to let the House of York rule after his death

Duke of Exeter: uncle to King Henry who concedes that York has a legitimate claim to the crown but is nonetheless the King’s last remaining ally

Queen Margaret: joins the English peers who had repudiated the King so that her son the Prince of Wales will once again be the heir to the throne

Edward, Prince of Wales: King Henry VI’s son who promises his father that he will regain the throne for the Lancasterians with his mother’s help

Messenger: informs York of the approach of Queen Margaret’s army which is led by the northern earls and lords

Sir John Mortimer: an uncle of the Duke of York

Edmund, Earl of Rutland: a Duke of York’s son who is killed by Lord Clifford

Tutor: Rutland’s tutor who pleads for Rutland’s life in vain

George, Duke of Clarence: one of York’s sons who temporarily changes his allegiance to King Henry when his brother unwisely weds Lady Grey

Son: a son in league with the Lancasters who kills his father, who is in league with the Yorks

Father: a father who kills his son in battle

Keepers: a couple of deer hunters who arrest the deposed King Henry in the name of the newly crowned King Edward

Lady Elizabeth Grey: a widow who King Edward takes as his bride, making her Queen

Lewis XI: King of France who declares war on King Edward IV when news of Edward’s marriage to Lady Grey mocks his agreement to have his sister-in-law Lady Bona marry Edward

Earl of Oxford: an English peer loyal to King Henry and Queen Margaret

Lady Bona: King Lewis’ sister-in-law

Post: a messenger from England who has news that turns everything topsy turvy for King Lewis, Warwick, and Queen Margaret

Duke of Somerset: an English peer who allies himself with the Duke of Clarence vis-à-vis King Edward

Lord Hastings: an English peer who doesn’ t mind King Edward marrying Lady Grey

Watchmen: three sentinels who are assigned to keep King Edward safely guarded only to succumb to Warwick and his men

Lord Rivers: Lady Grey’s brother

Huntsman: a man attending King Edward while he is the Archbishop of York’s prisoner

Lieutenant of the Tower: the man in charge of guarding King Henry in the Tower

Mayor of York: mayor who is reluctant but eventually gives Edward admittance to York as he is after all the Duke of York

Sir John Montgomery: a soldier leading an army of men who will not fight for Edward unless Edward proclaims himself king

Somerville: a messenger in Warwick’s service 

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