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Act 4. Scene III

SCENE III. Another part of Blackheath.

Alarums to the fight, wherein SIR HUMPHREY and WILLIAM STAFFORD are slain. Enter CADE and the rest
Where's Dick, the butcher of Ashford?

Here, sir.

They fell before thee like sheep and oxen, and thou
behavedst thyself as if thou hadst been in thine own
slaughter-house: therefore thus will I reward thee,
the Lent shall be as long again as it is; and thou
shalt have a licence to kill for a hundred lacking

I desire no more.

And, to speak truth, thou deservest no less. This
monument of the victory will I bear;

Putting on SIR HUMPHREY'S brigandine

and the bodies shall be dragged at my horse' heels
till I do come to London, where we will have the
mayor's sword borne before us.

If we mean to thrive and do good, break open the
gaols and let out the prisoners.

Fear not that, I warrant thee. Come, let's march
towards London.


William Shakespeare