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Character Summary


King Henry the Fourth.
Henry, Prince of Wales, son to the King.
John of Lancaster, son to the King.
Earl of Westmoreland.
Sir Walter Blunt.
Thomas Percy, Earl of Worcester.
Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland.
Henry Percey, surnamed Hotspur, his son.
Edmund Mortimer, Earl of March.
Richard Scroop, Archbishop of York.
Archibald, Earl of Douglas.
Owen Glendower.
Sir Richard Vernon.
Sir John Falstaff.
Sir Michael, a friend to the Archbishop of York.
Lady Percy, wife to Hotspur and sister to Mortimer.
Lady Mortimer, daughter to Glendower and wife to Mortimer.
Mistress Quickly, hostess of a tavern in Eastcheap.
Lords, Officials, Sheriff, Vinter, Chamberlain, Drawers, two Carriers, Travellers, and Attendants.

Scene: England.  

William Shakespeare