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Character Summary

Philo: a friend of Antony who can't help but to censure Antony for his foolish dotage of Cleopatra

Demetrius: a friend of Antony who is apprised of Antony's foolish dotage of Cleopatra

Cleopatra: the Queen of Egypt who has thoroughly beguiled Antony of his senses

Marc Antony: one of Rome's triumvirates, along with Octavius and Lepidus, whose love of Cleopatra robs him of his better senses

Charmian:Cleopatra's closest confidant who does as her mistress does and kills herself by applying a poisonous snake to her person

Lamprius: the soothsayer who reads the fortunes of both Charmian and Iras and who warns Antony that he is fated to be defeated by Octavius

Alexas: another of Cleopatra's attendants

Iras: yet another of Cleopatra's attendants

Domitius Enobarbus: a follower of Antony who defects from Antony only to be so guilt-ridden by his treachery that he kills himself rather than take up arms against his former master

Messengers: Roman messengers who awaken Antony to his senses with news of Rome's dire state of affairs

Octavius Caesar: one of the triumvirates along with Lepidus and Antony who will eventually rule the world all by himself

Lepidus: one of the triumvirates along with Antony and Octavius who is weakest link of the three and eventually dies under Octavius' sword

Messengers: messengers attending on Octavius and Lepidus

Mardian: a eunuch attending on Cleopatra

Sextus Pompeius: or Pompey; the son of Pompey who leads a popular revolt against the Roman triumvirate

Menas: a pirate who is in alliance with Pompey and who suggests that Pompey give him the go-ahead to kill the triumvirate in one fell swoop only to be denied from carrying out the atrocity by Pompey

Menecrates: another pirate who is in alliance with Pompey

Varrius: friend of Pompey

Maecenas: Octavius Caesar's friend

Agrippa: Octavius Caesar's friend who proposes that Antony marry Octavia, Octavius' sister, for the purpose of reconciling their differences once and for all

Octavia: Octavius' sister who is married off to Antony, unaware that Antony has agreed to it for the sake of politically appeasing her brother

Messenger: Cleopatra's messenger who gets beaten for delivering the news that Antony has married Octavia

Servants: servants in attendance at Pompey's banquet who note with contempt Lepidus' inability to hold his drink

Boy: a singer/entertainer at Pompey's banquet

Ventidius: Antony's lieutenant who is sent to deal with the Parthians

Silius: an officer answering to Antony who urges Ventidius to seek greater glory by pursuing the fleeing Parthians

Eros: Antony's officer who informs Enobarbus of Pompey's defeat and the resulting fallout: Lepidus' condemnation and imminent death

Canidius: Antony's officer who is put in charge of Antony's forces on land while Antony foolishly engages Caesar by sea

Taurus: Caesar's officer in charge of his land forces

Scarus: Antony's most brave soldier whose exploits are rewarded with a gold armor that Cleopatra herself presents him with

Schoolmaster: a schoolmaster who acts as Antony's ambassador to Rome after Antony's ignoble defeat

Thidias: Caesar's man sent to Cleopatra to negotiate on behalf of Caesar

Soldiers: Antony's soldiers who hear a strange sound beneath the earth on the eve of their battle against Caesar

Sentry & Watches: Caesar's guards who witness Enorbarbus dying while lamenting his betrayal of Antony

Diomedes: Cleopatra's attendant who informs Antony, when Antony is on the brink of death, that she is yet alive contrary to what Mardian, the eunuch, has been ordered to say to Antony

Dercetus: friend of Antony who deprives Antony of his sword with which he was committing suicide and who eventually apprises Caesar of Antony's death

Guards: Antony's guards who find themselves unable to kill Antony as per Antony's request

Egyptian: a messenger form Cleopatra to Caesar

Dolabella: a friend of Caesar who Cleopatra is grateful to for being both honest and courteous with her

Proculeius: Caesar's officer who Cleopatra is told to trust by Antony and who is commissioned by Caesar to prevent Cleopatra from committing suicide

Seleucus: Cleopatra's treasurer who betrays Cleopatra by revealing that Cleopatra's inventory of her wealth comes far short of what is really in her possession

Clown: a rural fellow who brings Cleopatra the poisonous snakes she requested  

William Shakespeare