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Summary Act 5

Scene 1

Scene 1 takes place in Marseilles in a street. Helena, Widow, and Diana enter the scene followed by two attendants. As Helena speaks, a gentleman enters the scene. Helena greets the gentlman asking him to bear a petition to the King. The gentleman informs Helena that the King is no longer in Marseilles but left the night before for Rousillon. Helena begs the gentleman to carry a message to the King and to let him know she will be there. The gentleman agrees and all exit the scene.

Scene 2

Scene 2 Takes place in Rousillon outside the Count's Palace. The Clown and Parolles enter the scene and Parolles is begging the Clown to take a ltter to Lafeu. Lafeu enters the scene, the clown exits and Parolles begs Lafeu to forgive him. At first Lafeu is disinclined but then takes pitty on Parolles and invites him to follow him to the Kings court in the Count's Palace.

Scene 3

Scene 3 takes place in Rousillon in the Count's Palace. The King enters the scene with the Countess, Lafeu and a couple of attendants. Lafeu begs the King to forgive Bertram and he does. Bertram enters the scene and the King informs him he is to marry Lafeu's daughter. Bertram agrees to the marriage. Lafeu asks for a ring of promise and Bertram gives Lafeu the ring he thought Diana gave to him (but was actually Helen) and Lafeu recognizes it as Helena's ring. The King asks to look at the ring and recognizes it as well. Bertram denies it is Helena's ring claiming it was thrown to him in the street by a woman. The King does not believe this and has Bertram captured.

As Bertram leaves the gentleman who Helena asked to carry the letter arrives and gives the letter to the King. The King reads the letter which is from Diana who claims that she has married Bertram. Bertram is brought back and of course denies the marriage, but Diana insists that Bertram took her virginity. Also Diana shows the ring that Bertram gave her as promise. Eventually they bring in Parolles to try to get to the bottom of everything but he is unwilling to confirm anything.

Eventually everything ends with Helena coming into the room and revealing that she was not dead and her and Bertram agree to remain married, Diana is given a large dowry and all live happily ever after.

William Shakespeare