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Character Summary

Orsino: Duke of Illyria who unsuccessfully woos Olivia only to find his true love in Viola

Sebastian: Viola's twin sibling (brother) who, mistaken for Cesario, Olivia marries

Antonio: Sebastian's friend who saves Sebastian from drowning

Sea Captain: the captain whose ship brings Viola to the coast of Illyria and who helps Viola disguise herself as Cesario

Valentine and Curio: gentlemen attending on the Duke

Sir Toby Belch: Olivia's uncle, he is a chronic drunkard and troublemaker

Sir Andrew Aguecheek: Sir Toby's friend who isn't particularly bright or brave

Malvolio: Olivia's steward whose sanctimonious piety rubs most people the wrong way

Feste: Olivia's deceased father's personal jester who Olivia has inherited and who is valued by many for his wit and entertaining ways

Fabian: Olivia's servant who is one of the principle schemers in making Malvolio look like a fool

Olivia: a rich countess who falls in love with Cesario, unware that he is really Viola, a she

Viola: Sebastian's twin sibling (sister) who loves Orsino but is compelled to plea for Olivia's love on behalf of Orsino

Maria: Olivia's gentlewoman who forges a letter in her lady's handwriting to fool Malvolio  

William Shakespeare