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Captain of the Crew




In this, as in the two preceding volumes of the series—The
and For the Honor of the School—an attempt
is made to show that athletics rightly indulged in
is beneficial to the average boy and is an aid rather than a
detriment to study. In it, too, as in the previous books,
a plea is made for honesty and simplicity in sports. There
is a tendency in this country to-day to give too great an
importance to athletics—to take it much too seriously—and
it is this tendency that should be guarded against,
especially among school and college youths. When athletics
ceases to be a pleasure and becomes a pursuit it
should no longer have a place in school or college life.

Many inquiries have been received as to whether Hillton
Academy really exists. It doesn’t. It is, instead, a
composite of several schools that the author knows of, and
is not unlike any one of a half dozen institutions which are
yearly turning out hundreds of honest, manly American
boys, stronger, sturdier, and more self-reliant for just such
trials and struggles as in the present volume fall to the
lot of Dick Hope.

To those readers who have followed the varying fortunes
of Joel March, Outfield West, Wayne Gordon, and
their companions, this book is gratefully dedicated by

The Author.

Philadelphia, June 19, 1901.

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