The Republic

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Translation by
Benjamin Jowett (1817-1893)
published in 1871.


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Plato's Sun and Line analogies...

I need to write an essay on Plato's Sun and Line analogies, and I'm struggling with basic comprehension :'( It looks like the two ideas contradict each other-- I'm officially confused. What I understand of the Sun analogy: light from the sun allows man to see, which reveals the world. Like man, the soul is illuminated by truth. (things fall apart for me about here.) :mad2: Line analogy: it's not the line that's important, it's the idea that the line conveys. Am I just dumber than the rest of the world? because these aren't making any sense to me...I read the chapter through twice. I am trying...:willy_nilly: thanks in advance to anyone who takes pity on me.

Plato's Republic

What were Plato's opinions regarding art in society? What place, values, and dangers does he mention?

Plato's Republic

Plato's all-mighty "Republic" is an extremely difficult book, but It is a must read for those whose minds can understand its profound text.

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