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The Little Warrior


Also titled Jill the Reckless


The heroine, Jill Mariner, is a sweet-natured and wealthy young woman who, at the opening, is engaged to a knighted MP, Sir Derek Underhill. We follow her through financial disaster, an adventure with a parrot, a policeman and the colourful proletariat, a broken engagement, an awkward stay with some grasping relatives, employment as a chorus girl, and of course, the finding of true love. Other characters include wealthy, dim-witted clubman Freddie Rooke (a precursor of Bertie Wooster), ruggedly attractive writer Wally Mason, both of these childhood friends of Jill's; her financially inept uncle Major Christopher Selby; and Sir Derek's domineering mother, Lady Underhill; Jill's unpleasant relatives in Long Island, New York; Elmer, Julia and Tibby Mariner; Drones Club member Algy Martyn, various chorus girls, composers and other theatrical types, and, of course, miscellaneous servants.

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