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A Damsel in Distress



...Being a knight in the twentieth century? Rescuing a beautiful girl threatened by ruffians? Sacrificing your hopes for the sake of that girl? Nothing is too difficult for George Bevan - loving, generous, witty and courageous. In one word, a Knight (not by birth, but surely by spirit!) Throughout the novel he has to besiege a Castle composed mostly by his beloved's relatives. But Luck is a whimsical creature and the outcome is by no means predictable. P.G. Wodehouse is a ministering angel of those who are in love. Besides writing a wonderfully humorous and optimistic novel, he managed to impart a deep sense of sympathy and respect for worthy lovers. The purity and kindness of heroes is a miracle that enchants even the most unromantic person. Once the reader has taken a book he or she would be worlds away from everyday troubles and sorrows, and coming back the reader will find him\herself a different person-hopeful, appreciating and grateful for the priceless minutes so generously bestowed upon him. P.G. Wodehouse manages to show the importance of every little thing that surrounds us. Common and lofty seem to be just two parts of one great unity - The Life. Do you want to see the bright side of your mistakes, failures and groundless hopes? This book is your chance!--Submitted by Elena.

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I LOVE Damsel in Distress. Can someone tell me where to download the Fred Astaire movie based on this book, for free. I live in India, where most people haven't even heard of old Hollywood movies and its almost impossible to get tapes.

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