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Character Summary

Mr Jones
The cruel farmer who holds the animals of the farm in slavery.

Old Major
An old and venerable pig on the farm. He is the animal who inspires everyone else to dream of being freed from slavery under the humans.

A pig, he is one of the leaders of the rebellion. Snowball is highly intelligent and persuasive, a brilliant orator, and is always dreaming ways and means of improving life on the farm.

A pig, along with Snowball the other main leader of the rebellion. He is more adept than Snowball at building alliances among the other animals. He is also more politically asture than his rival.

A pig. Like Snowball, a brilliant and persuasive orator, but unlike Snowball, much less inclined to take the lead with his own ideas.

A carthorse. Enormously strong, most of the ambitious building projects undertaken on Animal Farm depend on his physical strength and his unquestioning dedication to the rebellion. Dull-witted, he is easily manipulated by the more intelligent animals.

Another carthorse. Unquestioningly loyal to the rebellion, though even she has doubts at times.

A goat, one of the more intelligent animals on the farm outside of the pigs. She is a great friend of Clover.

A donkey. Stubborn and reserved, he is one of the very few animals on the farm who does not actively support the rebellion, though he does not condemn it either. A cynic. He is devoted to Boxer.

A raven. He seduces many of the animals on the farm with tales of SugarCandy mountain, a mythical place in the clouds where animals go after they die.

George Orwell