Suggestions For Teachers

This book will be found exceedingly valuable for classroom use by teachers of theology, hydraulics, and applied engineering. It is recommended that it be introduced to students before their minds have become hardened, clotted, and skeptical. The author does not hold himself responsible for any of the statements in the book, and reserves the right to disavow any or all of them under intellectual pressure.

For a rapid quiz, the following suggested topics will be found valuable for classroom consideration:

1. Do you discern any evidences of sincerity and serious moral purpose in this book?

2. Why was fifty dollars a week not enough for Mr. Kenneth Stockton to live on? Explain three ways in which he augmented his income.

3. What is a "colyumist"? Give one notorious example.

4. Comment on Don Marquis's attitude toward

(a) vers libre poets

(b) beefsteak and onions

(c) the cut of his trousers (Explain in detail)

(d) The Republican Party

5. Who is Robert Cortes Holliday, and for what is he notable?

6. Where was Vachel Lindsay fumigated, and why? 7. Who is "The Head of the Firm"?

8. How much money did the author spend on cider in July, 1911?

9. Who was Denis Dulcet, and what did he die of?

10. When did William McFee live in Nutley, and why?

11. How are the works of Harold Bell Wright most useful in Kings, Long Island?

12. Where is Strychnine, and what makes it so fascinating to the tourist? Explain

(a) The Gin Palace

(b) Kurdmeister

(c) unedifying Zollverein

13. What time did Mr. Simmons get home?

14. What is a "rarefied and azure-pedalled precinct?" Give three examples.

15. Who are the Dioscuri of Seamen, and what do they do?

16. How many pipes a day do sensible men smoke? Describe the ideal conditions for a morning pipe.

17. When did Mr. Blackwell light the furnace?

18. Name four American writers who are stout enough to be a credit to the profession. 19. "The fumes of the hearty butcher's evening meal ascend the stair in vain." Explain this. Who was the butcher? Why "in vain"?

20. In what order of the Animal Kingdom does Mr. Pearsall Smith classify himself?

21. "I hope he fell on the third rail." Explain, and give the context. Who was "he," and why did he deserve this fate?

22. Who was "Mr. Loomis," and why did he leave his clothes lying about the floor?

28. What are the Poetry Society dinners doing to Vachel Lindsay?

24. Why should the Literary Pawnbroker be on his guard against Mr. Richard Le Gallienne?

25. What is the American House of Lords? Who are "our prosperous carnivora"? Why do they wear white margins inside their waistcoats?

26. What is minestrone? Name three ingredients.

27. What are "publisher's readers," and why do they smoke pipes?

28. What was the preacher's advice to George Fox?

29. Give three reasons why Mr. Gerald Stanley Lee will not like this book.

30. Why should one wish to grasp Drs. Oppenheimer and Gottlieb by the hand?

31. In respect of Mr. Gerald Stanley Lee, comment briefly on these phrases:

(a) beclotted, bedazzled, and bedrunken with syllables

(b) the meanest toothbrush that bristles

(c) Scawfell become Mount Tom



       *      *      *      *      *      *      *       *       *       *       *       *

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