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The Story Girl



"She was a form of life and light, That seen, became a part of sight, And rose, where'er I turn'd mine eye, The morning-star of Memory!" óByron.


This is a delightful book by L.M. Montgomery. It chronicles the adventures and misadventures of a group of children as they grow up. Beverley, a young boy sent (with his brother Felix) to stay with relatives while their father is away on business, narrates the novel. Their cousins: bossy Felicity, sweet Celily, and sober Dan; and the other members of the neighbourhood group: cry-baby Sara Ray and indignant Peter the hired boy; join with the Story Girl, a renowned storyteller of their own age, in spending the summer as best they can. Bev, as he is nicknamed, narrates the novel from many years on in remembrance of that summer. It is full of beautiful descriptions and amusing moments which come right out of the page.--Submitted by A Martin

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You're Never Too Old For A Good Story

This book is yet another one of my favourite books written by L.M. Montgomery. While still retaining the same quality as Anne of Green Gables and the Emily Trilogy, it has a unique flavour all it's own which makes it such fun to read. The stories which Sara tells are beautiful and very well-spoken. I'm partial to the one concerning the ancestors of a man they are trying to get money out of for a library fund-raiser. The developments of each character are very well balanced and believable, as are their bonds with both each other and the resident grown-ups, my favourite being Uncle Alec.

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