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Kilmeny of the Orchard



To My Cousin Beatrice A. McIntyre, This Book Is Affectionately Dedicated.

"Kilmeny looked up with a lovely grace,

But nae smile was seen on Kilmeny's face;

As still was her look, and as still was her ee,

As the stillness that lay on the emerant lea,

Or the mist that sleeps on a waveless sea.

Such beauty bard may never declare,

For there was no pride nor passion there;

Her seymar was the lily flower,

And her cheek the moss-rose in the shower;

And her voice like the distant melodye

That floats along the twilight sea."

--The Queen's Wake


This story is about a boy named Eric who goes to teach one summer. He meets a beautiful girl one day in the orchard named Kilmeny. He must solve the mystery surrounding her and perhaps--win her love.--Submitted by Key Davis.

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