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Further Chronicles of Avonlea



Which have to do with many personalities and events in and about Avonlea, the Home of the Heroine of Green Gables, including tales of Aunt Cynthia, The Materializing of Cecil, David Spencer's Daughter, Jane's Baby, The Failure of Robert Monroe, The Return of Hester, The Little Brown Book of Miss Emily, Sara's Way, The Son of Thyra Carewe, The Education of Betty, The Selflessness of Eunice Carr, The Dream-Child, The Conscience Case of David Bell, Only a Common Fellow, and finally the story of Tannis of the Flats. All related by L. M. MONTGOMERY

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Further Chronicles of Avonlea

there are a great deal of lovely stories in this book; some much better than those in "Chronicles of Avonlea". they were all my favorites, though "tannis of the flats" was awfully sad. i enjoyed "the education of betty" one of the most, it was lovely, and "the materialising of cecil". i recommend this book tremendously to those who enjoy reading books by L M Montgomery, this collection of short stories have delighted me greatly, as i know they will to all.

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