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White Fang



This is the story about an animal who is three quarters wolf and a one quarter dog who goes from life as an Indian sled dog to a fighting dog owned by a cruel man, to a loving owner who tries to show this maddened savage creature the meaning of love and kindness. What is really unique about White Fang is that it tells of what might be going on in such a creature's head. It tells of what it is like living in a den out in the wild, tells of how White Fang first comprehends the wild and what he learns about the law of life. It explains what his first impression of humans, and of the harsh environment of all the other puppies and dogs in the camp. It is beautifully written and I would suggest it to anyone who likes long, thought provoking stories about dogs and wolves and the Northlands. -- The fierce, frigid, merciless landscape White Fang, a cunning and quick wolf-cub, has learned to call home is filled with adventures for him. Born in a litter of five to a fierce she-wolf, he is the only cub to survive famine, the strongest and the most willing to live by far. As he grows his keen senses and sharp wits are the only thing there to protect him, when his protective mother no longer accompanies him on his occasional ventures out of the cave, his birthplace. Before long he has become acquainted with the other wildlife in his part of the country, escaping death many a time. However there is one last secret that the forest around him contains, which has remained hidden from his knowledge all his short life. As he stumbles upon it his entire nature is changed, is at war with itself. His instincts are overcome by a stronger, deeper feeling. Could it be that this secret holds a better life for him? Could this novelty which he stumbles upon so obliviously is his destiny? Could White Fang, the fiercest, wildest, most cunning wolf in the forest become, at last ... accepted?--Submitted by Danielle Pool (PENelope)

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sos Jack London's White Fang.

I'm a librarian who is reading White Fang because it will be on the Summer Reading List for my patrons. In the past when Jack London has been on the list he was very popluar with the boys. I think I can see why but, input on this would be helpful. As a librarian my other concern about White Fang is how accurate is Jack London with his facts. In particular his knowledge of wolves. I would also like opinions on his view of the Indians/Native Americans. Never sure what to call them as I heard Indians say they perfer Indian but, then liberals think you are being insenstive. Can't please everyone.

Time frame Of White Fang.

White Fang is by Jack London, but since I don't have the book with me I was wondering if someone can give me the time frame the story was based on, Very much Appreciated. ;)

White Fang

I have read "White Fang" a tremendous amount of times. "White Fang" is an extremely interesting story. I would recremend this book to everyone. Although many might not reads or appreciate the book like others do but that is their opinion. I can make up stories in my sleep and remember little parts of them. Most of them are about wolves.Parts of my stories are based off of "Call of the Wild" and "White Fang". I have yet to start a book about wolves. If I start a book,on the front cover of the book there is a wolf in the four corners and they faid into one wolf in the middle. The ideas I get are from Jack London, a magnificent writer. So, if you have not yet read "White Fang" you are missing out and you should take some of you time and read this magnificent story.

thanks for your time.

No Subject

I've got three more chapters andi'll finish this book.From the very begining i knew that i will just love this book because it describes true facts,things that indeed happen in our real life! As i'm reading White Fang i realise that everything that Jack London says here is true and i think that he also tried to make us see the dangers of life and the many ways we can pass them,even though we're alone sometimes.
I'm really enjoying this book,i can find myself here in many situations and i strongly believe that every kid should read it.I first read the book in 6th grade,but now i'm in 9th grade and i have a different opinion on his book.It'smuch more interesting.
So,GO AHEADand read it!!

White fang

EY... Great summary.....

How good White Fang is

I think White Fang is a class act. I have really enjoyed reading it and would urge anyone to read it. Thanks for a brilliant book Jack.

It is the best book I have ever read!

I am only fourteen years old. I do not like to read. This is the only book I have ever read all of the way through, but at the same time enjoying it. Of course this book has been taking in different directions by many different people. It helps me go through my day thinking of the relationships people have with one another. I feel Mr. London has inspired me to read more of mis classics. This is truly a tremendous book.

White Fang

I am a third grade teacher, and Drew is one of my students. We are reading White Fang together, and we are enjoying a lot! I have found that I get mad at Jack London because the characters in the story come and go so quickly and easily. They are around very long, other than White Fang. I guess that's the way it is in the wild, but I don't like it! I like getting to know the characters in a story. Drew says, "White Fang is really smart. I think he will end up in a good home." We hope so anyway. We are only on chapter 20 right now.

No Subject

i think white fang is as great a classic as Robinson Crusoe or Treasure Island! when i first started reading it i foung it a bit of a bore because i am not in to action but as i went on it was like the book absorbed me into it. I was in white fangs world. His territory. All i can say is this book is brilliant. I was in tears while reading it! and please can some one tell me how old the movie, and where i would get it.

No Subject

The book White Fang is about more than a wolf's life. It is about human cruelty and emotions, and how the world of animals percive us. It is about betrayal and learning to trust, instinct and reason. It shows that we are not the only ones capable of thinking, and that animals have feelings to...

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