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Mutiny of the Elsinore



After death of the captain, the crew of a ship split between the two senior surviving mates. During the conflict, the narrator develops as a strong character, rather as in The Sea-Wolf. It also includes some strong white-racist views which were part of London's complex world-view.

Surrounded by madness, murder, and mutiny, John Pathurst finds himself being transformed into a being as hard as the men and the sea around him.

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When and where Jack London wrote

I reading the book ' The wheels kick and the wind song' which is a collected account of ships of John Steward,by Capt G.Curse, And getting in the Chapter in which is account of the mutiny of the Mondbats, the well know full bridged ship and her an old master capt James Dondason. What i wondered wast the uniformity between the account of 'mutiny of the Elsinore and the mutiny of the Momdbarts. On both ship had multinational crew , and there were tramps and there were unable sailors, and there were violation and hardness, and an old man who ruled them all. The the mutiny of the Mondbarns took place in 1916 as i right member. but when was written the other one.. the mutiny of the Elsinore.

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