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The Man Who Found the Truth


Translated by journalist, poet, novelist, playwright, translator, Jewish activist, and diplomat Herman Bernstein (1876-1935). Bernstein was born in 1876 in Vladislavov, at that time on the Russo-German border, which today is Lithuania, to David and Marie Bernstein. In 1893, he and his family emigrated to the United States, where he completed his education. He married Sophie Friedman on December 31, 1901. During his life he translated a number of important literary works from Russian to English.

A 27 year old man who has just completed his thesis for the degree of mathematics is falsely accused of murder. This young man with bright prospects for the future is suddenly “seized” in the middle of the night and thrown into prison. Rebellious at first, he learns to cope with prison life in time, developing a unique philosophy of his own. He becomes so popular and respected that he has admirers even from outside the prison, who visit him to avail themselves of his wisdom. Then, one day, a warden of the prison invites him home to have dinner with his family. After this point, his life has a very different path.--Submitted by Hasan Yilmaz

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