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Judas Iscariot and Others


Translated by journalist, poet, novelist, playwright, translator, Jewish activist, and diplomat Herman Bernstein (1876-1935). Bernstein was born in 1876 in Vladislavov, at that time on the Russo-German border, which today is Lithuania, to David and Marie Bernstein. In 1893, he and his family emigrated to the United States, where he completed his education. He married Sophie Friedman on December 31, 1901. During his life he translated a number of important literary works from Russian to English.

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judas iscariot

since no one has written anything for andreyev i htought i would do a brief review of the 'judas iscariot and others' book. judas iscariot - a wonderfully realised short story that has a similar feel to the film last temptation of christ. very well written, almost poetic in places and with a good knowledge of the bible. its only about 100 pgs long so really a novella i guess. the 'others' are two other tales... the christians - a wierd story about a prostitute who in a law court won't take the oath on the bible. this story is not very good in truth although raises some intersting ideas about the nature of christianity. phantoms - set in a mental home and again not too good. some of the characters here though are quite compelling. this is all i have read of andreyev. i get the impression he is not well loved and i suspect it may be many moons before anyone reads this short review.

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