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Do you believe in familiars?

Does anybody else find the idea of the monkey familiar in Green Tea frightening? I have a friend who swears she used to have a familiar of a black cat follow her around everywhere a few years ago. Anyone else had a similar experience? I've experienced nothing like it (I don't believe in the supernatural although the idea of it fascinates me) but since reading the story, I've always hesitated before a second cup of Green Tea!

Le Fanu

I know next to nothing about Fanu. I feel that I may have read an illustrated version of one of his stories when I was a child.(That might be my imagination) Reading the brief biographical notes just now I was struck by the image of him writing at night by candle light. Surely one of the odder writing regimes. It said in the biographical details that he became a recluse after his wife's death. But the oldest of his four children could have been no more than fourteen. Does anyone know what became of them?

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