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The Jungle Book



These are the stories of Mowgli "the frog," a man-cub raised by wolves, and his journey to adulthood with the help of Baloo the bear, Bagheera the black panther, and many other memorable characters. The tales of Mowgli became a Disney movie classic, and the tale of Rikki-Tikki-Tavi the mongoose has also been adapted many times over, but the film versions are nowhere near as classic as this timeless book.--Submitted by Peter Whitlock

Rudyard Kipling is not only a master of the English language, he is a master teller of tall tales who understands animals and people, their habits and 19th century India. His stories are a mix of credibility, delightful critters and colorful characters mixed with a touch of poetic license. The Jungle Book is timeless and filled with stories for children of all ages.--Submitted by PJ Little

Deep truths and deep insights into and from the human and animal conditions; Kipling's Jungle Book remain a priceless treasure to all. While the Disney cartoon is "cute", it only vaguely resembles what Mr. Kipling actually wrote and certainly contains neither the drama, wisdom or beautiful language of the original text. Only Alexander Korda's beautiful film of 1942 comes remotely close, and it does no more than that. The older I get the MORE delight I find in these rich, masterful stories: a gift that goes on giving.--Submitted by Steve White.

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About Kipling's Jungle Book

I've heard the newer versions are revised and edited for children- to be less violent and easier to understand. Does anyone know which versions are the original and which are revised? Thanks alot

Really need to understand Abridgement

I really need someone to expalin to me why books are abridged. In particular the Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling. I read the scholastic version which greatly shortened the length of the novel. It left out tales such as the white seal. I really want to understand why they do this and how it can be legal to simply dumb down a classic story and publish it for profit. I'm studying to become a teacher and I'd really like to be able to explain to my student why I prefer that they read the original version. If anyone can help I'd really appreciate it.


I have always been a fan of this book in particular, even if only for the difference between the animals society and the supposedly civilised human society, and the fact that if were all raised to love and respect all animals and our environment, we would be happier. My favourite animal would have to be Shere khan the tiger, I named my son after him :nod: (my son is now 1yr and he growls so he is well named)

fictional or real locations

I wondered if any of the locations in the jungle book are based on real
pendants in todays india, bangladesh or myanmar.
thanks for sharing knowledge...

kipling animals

i am currently tutoring a 10 year old mexican child in english reading and speaking. reading the Jungle Book has convinced her that the story couldn't possibly be set in India because, as she pointed out - there are no bears and wolves in India. She is also convinced that Kaa is an anaconda and not a python.

where can we find a source to disspel these notions? even the tiger and elephant arguments do not seem to convince her that we're in India, and not in, say, south america or god knows where.

No Subject

How do you pronounce all the characters names, especially MOWGLI?

No Subject

The stunning thing about this work is Kiplings diverse research into the area. The real existence however, of children raised by wolves in Imperialist Indian Jungle, was a sinister one, which makes this book so much more fantasticly fictional. Although it is a westernised view of life, and, in fact, alot of his subjects he standerdised, are in fact Indian taboos, "laws of the jungle" etc. The book is vivid and emotive and if writen for an older audience, could be a wonderful exploration into the fundimentals of human psychlogy. This is a book that can be shared by all and it is wonderful that is recoginzed the world over.

love mowgli's innocence

Kipling's work, "The jungle book" is one of my favorites which involves such imagination that if you think about it, anyone may want to have the gift to talk to animals.

No Subject

I very much enjoyed reading this work by Kipling, however, I found the transition into the stories beginning with the white seal to be confusing. That is not to say I was not just as immersed in them as I was with the first part of the book, only that I did not feel what connection these stories had to the Mowgli of the book's beginning.

No Subject

This work was eceptionaly great. It had an imaginative text which only enhanced its already wonderful storyline. The characters were shown though their actions throughout the book. The great imagination of Kipling provides all readers with a strong perspective of this extravagent piece.

This is really a wonderful work of Kipling. For me it is matter of proud because this story is of course related with central high lands of India, i live in same geographical part of central India.

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