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Indian Tales



A collection of tales inspired by Kipling's days living and working in India.

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Indian Tales--Oriental Edition

I have a book with an 1899 copyright by H. M. Caldwell Company and printed by the Colonial Press division of the C. H. Simonds & Co., Boston, Mass, U.S.A. I believe the original edition was in 1890. On the title page it says this is the "Oriental Edition." Can anyone tell me what that might mean? I don't have another edition to compare it to, but my copy is in English. Perhaps there were stories added, edited, or removed from this edition compared to another edition. My edition has 36 stories so if you have a different count on a book you own then let me know so we can compare the story titles. This site shows that the book has 33 stories. Maybe some were accidentally left off. Can you confirm? The stories I have that are NOT listed on this site are, "The Courting of Dinah Shadd," "The Man Who Would be King," and "The Incarceration of Krishna Mulvaney."

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