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Captains Courageous



A Story of the Grand Banks

Dedicated to JAMES CONLAND, M.D., Brattleboro, Vermont.

I ploughed the land with horses, But my heart was ill at ease, For the old sea-faring men, Came to me now and then, With their sagas of the seas.--Longfellow.

Harvey Cheyne Jr. is the over-indulged son of a millionaire. When he falls overboard from an ocean liner he is rescued by a Portuguese fisherman and, initially against his will, joins the crew of the We're Here for a summer. Through the medium of an exciting adventure story, Captain's Courageous deals with a boy who, like Mowgli in The Jungle Book, is thrown into an entirely alien environment. This is the only edition of the novel in print, and it offers a stimulating introduction and detailed notes which help readers navigate among the historical, geographical, and maritime references found in the book.

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Adventurous and tender at the same time

“Captains Courageous” tells the story of how Harvey Cheyne, young son of an American multimillionaire, travels back to America on a fishing schooner called the “We’re Here”, by one of whose crew he was saved from drowning. He’s taught in turns by all the crew different skills every fisherman has to have and hears wild, colourful stories round a table. Kipling’s vivid descriptions add to the enjoyment of this classic book, which I think can appeal to most children, and also to some soft-hearted adults.

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'Captains Courageous' is a delightful book, full of fishing lore and detailed descriptions of life aboard a fishing schooner near the turn of the century.

Kipling paints word pictures full of fun, beauty, and pathos, and the ever-changing sea becomes a familier landscape in his capable hands.

'Our Hero', Harvey Cheyne, goes from spoilt and sullen to eagerly participating in every aspect of his new life, and at the end, when a 'prophecy' spoken by the cook is re-visited, you can't help but applaud where one summer's adventure took two headstrong boys.

Wonderful characters, language that is as rich as cream, and a story you won't soon forget. I would recommend this book to anyone!

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I thought that this book was exceptionally boring and I could hardly get through it. I would not reccommend it to anyone, and virtually nothing even remotely interesting happened between pages (2) and (105). This book has ruined any further reading of Rudyard Kipling's works for me that I may have to read in the future. I would give it a 3 out of 10, and only that high because it seemed to be a cure for my insomnia.

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Very Interesting Book

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It was really good

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It was good

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