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Chapter 41

I got a warm welcome on Monkey Hill. John Trumbull came to
dine with us at the chalet the evening of my arrival. McGlingan
had become editor-in-chief of a new daily newspaper. Since the
war began Mr Force had found ample and remunerative
occupation writing the 'Obituaries of Distinguished Persons . He
sat between Trumbull and McGlingan at table and told again of the
time he had introduced the late Daniel Webster to the people of his
native town.

Reciting a passage of the immortal Senator he tipped his beer into
the lap of McClingan. He ceased talking and sought pardon.

'It is nothing, Force - nothing,' said the Scotchman, with great
dignity, as he wiped his coat and trousers. 'You will pardon me if I
say that I had rather be drenched in beer than soaked in

'That's all right,' said Mr Opper, handing him a new napkin. 'Yes,
in the midst of such affliction I should call it excellent fun,
McClingan added. 'If you ever die, Force, I will preach the sermon
without charge.

'On what text?' the obituary editor enquired.

'"There remaineth therefore, a rest for the people of God,"'quoth
McClingan solemnly. 'Hebrews, fourth chapter and ninth verse.

'If I continue to live with you I shall need it,' said Force.

'And if I endure to the end,' said McClingan, 'I shall have excellent
Christian discipline; I shall feel like opening my mouth and
making a loud noise.

McGlingan changed his garments and then came into my room and
sat with us awhile after dinner.

'One needs ear lappers and a rubber coat at that table,' said he.

'And a chest protector,' I suggested, remembering the finger of

'I shall be leaving here soon, Brower,' said McGlingan as he lit a

'Where shall you go?' I asked.

'To my own house.

'Going to hire a housekeeper?

'Going to marry one,' said he.

'That's funny,' I said. We're all to be married - every man of us.

'By Jove!' said McClingan, 'this is a time for congratulation. God
save us and grant for us all the best woman in the world.

Irving Bacheller