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Fame and Fortune


or, The Progress of Richard Hunter.


"Fame and Fortune" is the second volume of the adventures of Richard Hunter, originally known as "Ragged Dick" the bootblack. At the end of the first volume Dick had gone from rags to respectability, but by the end of the second volume, Dick is well on his way to fortune indeed. "Fame and Fortune" repeats some of Alger's favorite plot twists: the scheming book keeper, the snobbish "gentleman's son" determine to humiliate our hero and usurp his place, and various adventures in the boarding houses of New York, which fortunately became cleaner and better run as Dick's lot in life improved. Dick exchanges evenings in music halls for home study and tutoring, making rapid progress in English, French, and bookkeeping, all of which stand well in his stead as his lot in life rapidly improves. Like all Alger works, "Fame and Fortune" will leave the reader with a satisfied feeling that perhaps good dues ultimately win out, and that discarding a grudge is something we all might do ourselves.--Submitted by Robert Cox

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