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Hildegard G. Frey


The Camp Fire Girls books is a series of fiction novels written for children by various authors from 1912 into the 1930s. Authors include E. A. Watson Hyde, Harriet Pyne Grove, Harriet Rietz, Howard Roger Garis (pseudonym as Marion Davidson), Irene Elliott Benson, Isabel Hornibrook, Jane L. Stewart, Julianne DeVries (also as Julian DeVries), Margaret Vandercook, Margaret Love Sanderson, Samuel E. Lowe (pseudonym as Helen Hart), Stella M. Francis, and Amy Ella Blanchard.

The Camp Fire Girls series by Hildegarde Gertrude Frey (also as Hildegard G. Frey) are the only series of stories for Camp Fire Girls endorsed by the officials of the Camp Fire Girls Organization.

The 10 books in the series are:

The Camp Fire Girls in the Maine Woods or, The Winnebago’s Go Camping

The Camp Fire Girls at School or, The Wohelo Weavers

The Camp Fire Girls at Onoway House or, The Magic Garden

The Camp Fire Girls Go Motoring or, Along the Road That Leads the Way

The Camp Fire Girls Larks and Pranks or, The House of the Open Door

The Camp Fire Girls on Ellen’s Isle or, The Trail of the Seven Cedars

The Camp Fire Girls on the Open Road or, Glorify Work

The Camp Fire Girls Do Their Bit or, Over The Top With The Winnebago’s

The Camp Fire Girls Solve a Mystery or, The Christmas Adventures At Carver House

The Camp Fire Girls at Camp Keewaydin or, Down Paddles

The Camp Fire Girls in the Maine Woods; or, The Winnebagos go Camping. This lively Camp Fire group and their Guardian go back to Nature in a camp in the wilds of Maine and pile up more adventures in one summer than they have had in all their previous vacations put together. Before the summer is over they have transformed Gladys, the frivolous boarding school girl, into a genuine Winnebago.

The Camp Fire Girls at School; or, The Wohelo Weavers. It is the custom of the Winnebagos to weave the events of their lives into symbolic bead bands, instead of keeping a diary. All commendatory doings are worked out in bright colors, but every time the Law of the Camp Fire is broken it must be recorded in black. How these seven live wire girls strive to infuse into their school life the spirit of Work, Health and Love and yet manage to get into more than their share of mischief, is told in this story.

The Camp Fire Girls At Onoway House; or, The Magic Garden. Migwan is determined to go to college, and not being strong enough to work indoors earns the money by raising fruits and vegetables. The Winnebagos all turn a hand to help the cause along and the “goings-on” at Onoway House that summer make the foundations shake with laughter.

The Camp Fire Girls Go Motoring; or, Along the Road That Leads the Way. The Winnebagos take a thousand mile auto trip. The "pinching" of Nyoda, the fire in the country inn, the runaway girl and the dead-earnest hare and hound chase combine to make these three weeks the most exciting the Winnebagos have ever experienced.

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