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The Marble Faun



This novel is a provocative look at American artists abroad and a groundbreaking exploration of the influence of European thought on American morality that anticipates the work of Henry James, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Ernest Hemingway, among others. The story centers around the mysterious, tormented Miriam, her friends Kenyon and Hilda, their alluring Italian acquaintance, the faunlike Donatello, and the crime that irrevocably links them all.

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Art and Religion in the Marble Faun

I keep reading parts of The Marble Faun. After feeling oppressed by the The Scarlet Letter though the names of the Protagonists are brilliant, I saw a short film on the Fountain of Trevi on an Art Station that showed a few minutes only of ballet, songs, videos and the over-voice in this particular short art piece was Hawthorne's wonderful descriptions of this Fountain and of water. Though the second half of the book with the constant guilt ridden faun and Miriam are too much, I think that Hawthorne like many writers and other people found a kind of spiritual and emotional freedom in Italy. (D.H. Lawrence is my favorite writer esp. his essays and letter about Italy and the lighter and more living way of having a spiritual and emotional life that he found in the Italians and in himself in Italy) The tension from Hilda's and Hawthorne's Protestant attraction to the comforts and beauty of the Catholic Church also resonated with me and I was surprised to read in a review of a bio of Hawthorne that his daughter converted and started a Catholic religious order since he felt guilty that one of his ancestors prosecuted women accused of being witches and the prejudice of the Puritans against any beauty in religion and life even wearing colors and then the constant need in the Mediterranean people to create beauty even out of barbed wire in a POW camp in Britain was turned into a decoration for a chapel by an Italian prisoner during WWII. The nature writing is wonderful and I have read a believe that Hawthorne's sensitivity to the meaning within nature and beautiful way of conveying it influenced Lawrence and other writers.

No Subject

I often wondered what Hawthorne's writing was like, and when I had the chance to do a research paper on him, it also gave me the chance to read his book THE MARBLE FAUN. I found this book to be in many ways an enjoyable read. The way people write today is so unlike the way that people wrote back in the 1800s that it is often at times harder for us to be able to even read one chapter of some of the classics; but if someone tries to get through this book and does, I believe they will be rewarded by the great plot and characters in it. I personally enjoyed this book quite a bit.

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