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Lysbeth: A Tale of the Dutch




In token of the earnest reverence of a man of a later generation for his character, and for that life work whereof we inherit the fruits to-day, this tale of the times he shaped is dedicated to the memory of one of the greatest and most noble-hearted beings that the world has known; the immortal William, called the Silent, of Nassau.

Lysbeth van Hout, a Dutch girl, is seemingly happy. Until one day, a Spaniard Juan de Montalvo crosses her path and suddenly, her world is upside down. Montalvo, a debtor, wants to marry Lysbeth, but can't because she has a lover - Dirk van Goorl. Montalvo does his best to prove to Lysbeth, a pure Catholic, that Dirk is a Protestant, therefore a "heretic". When he does so, he marries Lysbeth. Montalvo uses up all of Lysbeth's money and leaves her in poverty. But his truths are revealed, and Montalvo is taken to prison. Why is he taken to prison? What happens to Lysbeth? Does she join with her true lover? Read in this exciting book!--Submitted by Britney Parkar.

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