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Hilda Wade


A Woman With Tenacity Of Purpose.


After Grant Allen's death in 1899, he left the unfinished manuscript for this novel, featuring detective Hilda Wade. It was written to completion by his friend and neighbour Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.


In putting before the public the last work by Mr. Grant Allen,
the publishers desire to express their deep regret at the author's
unexpected and lamented death--a regret in which they are sure to be
joined by the many thousand readers whom he did so much to entertain. A
man of curiously varied and comprehensive knowledge, and with the
most charming personality; a writer who, treating of a wide variety of
subjects, touched nothing which he did not make distinctive, he filled
a place which no man living can exactly occupy. The last chapter of this
volume had been roughly sketched by Mr. Allen before his final illness,
and his anxiety, when debarred from work, to see it finished, was
relieved by the considerate kindness of his friend and neighbour, Dr.
Conan Doyle, who, hearing of his trouble, talked it over with him,
gathered his ideas, and finally wrote it out for him in the form in
which it now appears--a beautiful and pathetic act of friendship which
it is a pleasure to record.


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