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The Princess and the Goblin



A children's fantasy. The sequel to this book is The Princess and Curdie (1883).

A delightful fairytale not to be missed. Would do children and adults alike great joy to resurrect this book from the shelf and into the rightful place of one's lap. Why does the Princess have a story about her? You'll need to read the first chapter to find out why a princess is a princess, and why this particular eight-year old Princess has a story about her. You'll find she gets lost and meets "we shall see who". On the surface this is a story about a Princess, a boy named Curdie, "we shall see who" and a bunch of goblins. Digging a little bit further, it is a story about the power of imagination, intuition and courage. The Princess makes a connection with a great, great, great grandmother, who only she alone can see. The Princess also makes a connection with the miner boy, who knows how to travel into the depths and navigate the dark, but who can't see all that the Princess is able to see. Their friendship creates a bridge between what is seen and isn't seen, and we begin to understand through metaphor, symbol, and fairytale language how powerful imagination truly is to create a brave, courageous Princess who battles goblins and helps others with different ways of seeing, understanding, and trusting one another to be a little bit better.--Submitted by Stacey Ginsburg

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