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The Light Princess



This is one of my favorite McDonald fairy tales, but you have to get through a bit of what I suppose was McDonald's veiled commentary on philosophy/psychiatry in his discussion of the King's advisers and their recommendations on how to treat his baby daughter's malady. Similar trappings from other fairy tales abound. The sinister witch relative who curses the child, the handsome, wandering prince, and the suffering of the entire kingdom requiring heroic sacrifice. However, a novel and excellent plot device in the princess' malady and how she and those around her adapt to it. A great story, and one that will be just as enjoyable to adults as to children. Make sure your children read it, or better yet, tell it to them. That is really what McDonald is trying to do; giving us the feel of a story told by the fire as the family gathers together for the evening--no TV, no radio, no electronic distractions.--Submitted by Philip Groff Austin

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