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A Narrative on the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave


In 1845, just seven years after his escape from slavery, the young Frederick Douglass published this powerful account of his life in bondage and his triumph over oppression. The book, which marked the beginning of Douglass's career as an impassioned writer, journalist, and orator for the abolitionist cause, reveals the terrors he faced as a slave, the brutalities of his owners and overseers, and his harrowing escape to the North. It has become a classic of American autobiography.

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Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass was the champion of all people, but especially those enslaved. He thought that the Declaration of Independence which promised life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness gave these rights only to the elite leaving the slaves without them.

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It is easy for me to imagine slavery yet so hard to see it. Fredeick Douglas opens peoples eyes to see it in full color. My Great-great-great Grandfather was a runaway slave from Virginia. None of my surving family knows the particulars of his escape, yet we know he found his way to Ohio. This book helps me see through the eyes of my fathers who resisted and fought for freedom. Not just for themselves but for their brothers, sisters, children and grandchildren. In which I am one.

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Douglas'portrait of the slave holder's brand of Christianity is remarkable in it's truthfulness and insight. This book gives an excelent accounting of slavery from one who existed inside it's evil realm.

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You are a very good man and you were right tyring to end slavery just like Abe Lincoln. Also I think that any freind of Lincoln is a freind of anybody.

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Frederick Douglass

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