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The Trial

Not many authors picture the absurdity of life as well as Franz Kafka. We don't see monsters or ghosts in his writings - Kafkaesque themes are much more scary, for they are about reality. As in all other Kafka's books, the man in THE TRIAL is all alone, searching for answers to questions that cannot be answered. No hope, no rest, no warmness - that's the reality of Kafka's human. Although hopeless, Kafka's main characters are always very strong - they seek light to the very end and never give up. Although they are doomed never to see it from the very beginning. According to Albert Camus, Kafka had to write THE TRIAL so he could write his greatest work - THE CASTLE.--Submitted by Rokas Bučelis

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Best translation of The Trial?

I'm looking for some thoughts on this, what is the best translation of Kafka's The Trial?


Hello! I wanted to start a thread about "The Master and Margarita"- anyone read it?

Discipline and Punish, Foucault

When I first read The Trial I was as bewildered as K. But then I read the opening passages of Discipline and Punish and suddenly it all made sense. The court system present into the C18 described by Foucault closely matched that described by Kafka. In fact I can imagine he found it very amusing to subject his modern man to such absurdities. Stop me if this is old news but it was a revelation to me.

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