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  1. Lemmings

    by , 03-18-2010 at 11:40 PM (The (not so) Inner Whinings of an Impatient Rambler)
    ~*100 questions about me*~

    ~Basic Info~

    Name:: CC
    Age:: 20
    Sex:: Female
    Height:: A hair short of 5'7
    Hair Color:: Brown, reflects kind of gold in the sun
    Eye Color:: Dark green
    Body Type:: My friends call me the Tiny One because I have small features but I'm also slightly pear-shaped
    Religion:: Raised Catholic, but I'm an atheist
    Ethnicity:: Dutch on my mother's side, and pure Canadian on the other (English, ...

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  2. Everybody is doing it.

    Since everyone seems to be doing the quiz I did it too .

    ~*100 questions about me*~
    by gdluvnchick

    ~Basic Info~

    Name:: Michael
    Age:: 22
    Sex:: Male
    Height:: 5'11''
    Hair Color:: Brown
    Eye Color:: Blue
    Body Type:: Chubby
    Religion:: Atheist
    Ethnicity:: English, Irish, Scottish, Jewish, North American Native (Mi'kmaq to be specific)
    Orientation:: Gay
    Status:: ...

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  3. Lote is Snow Boarding Today!

    Wish me Luck!

  4. I did the survey again just to see if I had anything to change.

    by , 03-18-2010 at 04:53 AM (Foxtrot's Theories)
    ~*100 questions about me*~
    by gdluvnchick

    ~Basic Info~

    Name:: Frances.
    Age:: 13, just under a month until I'm 14.
    Sex:: Female - wait - yea, female.
    Height:: 166-ish.
    Hair Color:: Brown.
    Eye Color:: Brown, but hazel-ish when I'm angry or excited about something.
    Body Type:: Still human, Slimmer but broad.
    Religion:: Seems to be Catholic.
    Ethnicity:: Um, Aussie, Italian, Greek, Spanish, ...
  5. Sweet Erin

    Sweet Erin


    Far across the distant sea
    there is a lady all dressed in green
    who will ever hold my heart,
    along the shores neath misty waters
    where the winds cry like voices
    of the fairy sprits she dances free of heart,
    with a wildness in her eyes that nare will depart
    through the ages she suffered and struggled,
    her body trod neath the feet of countless invaders
    reaping of her beauty while forsaking
    My Poetry